Rumpke Recycling
Collect glass, cardboard, newspaper, magazines, aluminum cans, steel cans, plastics #1-7, office paper, scrap metals
Curbside Recycling Services
Municipalities and townships offering curbside recycling service to their residents
Coshocton City - Coshocton County
Baltimore - Fairfield County
Carroll - Fairfield County
Lithopolis Village - Fairfield County
Millersport - Fairfield County
Pickerington - Fairfield County (subscription)
Pleasantville - Fairfield County
Win Waste Innovations of Heath
Collect glass (no green), cardboard, newspaper, magazines and office paper, plastics #1-7, aluminum cans, steel cans
Coshocton-Fairfield-Licking-Perry Solid Waste District 675 Price Rd. Newark, OH 43055 PH: 740-349-6308 email:
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Etna Township - Licking County
Granville and Granville Twp - Licking County
Harrison Township - Licking County
Hebron - Licking County
Johnstown - Licking County
McKean Twp. - Licking County
Pataskala City - Licking County (sign up to get a bin)
St. Albans Twp. - Licking County
Union Twp. - Licking County
Somerset - Perry County
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Waste Management
Collect glass, cardboard, newspaper, magazines and office paper, plastics #1-7, aluminum cans, steel cans
Local Waste Services
Collect glass, cardboard, kraft grocery sacks, phone books, newspaper, magazines, plastic #1-7, aluminum cans, steel cans
Solid Waste Plan
Annual Financial Report