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Paper Retriever Program
The following locations have green and yellow bins for office paper, newspaper, magazines, and mail, including envelopes.
Fairfield County

Grove Community Church - 3420 Blacklick Eastern Rd.
Shalom United Methodist Church - 4925 Plum Rd.
Victory Hill Church - 4000 Coonpath Rd. NW
Chief Tarhe Elementary - 425 N. Whittier St.
Emanuel Lutheran Church - 231 E. Mulberry St.
Forest Rose School - 1592 Granville Pike
Gorsuch West Elementary - 440 Trace Dr.
Grace United Church - 1185 Pleasantville Rd.
Lancaster HS - 1312 Granville Pike
Medill Elementary - 1160 Sheridan Dr.
Mills Memorial UMC - 402 N. Broad St.
Mount Pleasant Elementary - 712 N. Broad St.
Redeemer Lutheran Church - 1400 Concordia Dr.
Sanderson Elementary - 1450 Marietta Rd.
St. Mary's School - 309 W. Chestnut St.
St. Peter's Lutheran Church
Tallmadge Elementary - 694 Talmadge Ave.
Tarhe Trails Elementary - 2141 Greencrest Way
Thomas Ewing Jr. High - 825 E. Fair Ave.
William V. Fischer Catholic HS - 1803 Granville Pike
YMCA - 465 W. 6th Ave.
The Wagnalls Memorial - 150 E. Columbus St.
Village Office - 207 W. Columbus St.
Diley Middle School - 750 Preston Trails
Epiphany Lutheran Church - 268 Hill Rd N.
Heritage Elementary - 100 East St.
Lakeview Jr. High - 12455 Ault Rd.
Peace United Methodist Church - 235 Diley Rd.
Pickerington Elementary - 775 Long Rd.
Pickerington High School Central - 300 Opportunity Way
Pickerington High School North - 7800 Refugee Rd.
Pickerington Ridgeview Jr. High - 130 Hill Rd. South
Public Library - 201 Opportunity Way
St. Andrew Episcopal Church - 8630 Refugee Rd.
Sycamore Creek Elementary - 500 Sycamore Creek St.
Toll Gate Elementary/MS - 12089 Toll Gate Rd.
Violet Elementary - 8855 Education Dr.
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