How to Prepare Your Recyclables
Only PET (#1) and HDPE (#2) containers are currently recycled in Fairfield and Perry Counties. Please look at the bottom of your container to see what number is inside the recycling symbol. Remove caps, which are a different kind of plastic, rinse thoroughly and flatten as much as possible. #1 plastic is typically soda bottles. #2 plastic is typically milk jugs and detergent bottles. Please do not leave plastic bags in the bins no matter what number they have on them, but return them to local stores that have collection boxes. In Licking and Coshocton Counties, residents can recycle all plastic containers with a base wider than its mouth. This excludes clamshells, yogurt containers and other types of plastics.
Remove tape and other attachments, FLATTEN boxes. If you have curbside collection, many haulers ask that you bundle cardboard, but if you are taking it to drop-off bins, bundling is not recommended. All our dropoff programs accept the thin cardboard called "paperboard" as well as the corrugated cardboard (wavy layer sandwiched between two flat layers), however some programs do not. Check with your service provider to be sure.
Rinse thoroughly to remove any food debris that would create odors and attract vermin. Flatten as much as possible. Most programs accept aluminum cans, bimetal cans (part aluminum, part steel), and steel cans. Licking County now includes empty aerosol cans.
Newsprint bins can accept the entire paper, even the glossy inserts. Some service providers prefer paper be bundled. Most countywide bins also accept magazines and catalogs. Paper Retriever Bins include both plain and colored office paper, newspaper, catalogs, magazines and mail. In any program, include only clean dry paper, as contaminated paper is discarded and can ruin an entire load. Licking County bins now include telephone books.
Rinse thoroughly and remove rings and caps. Programs accept bottles and jars, but do NOT accept other types of glass such as light bulbs, windows, or ceramics. Please handle the glass so it does not break, as that makes sorting it almost impossible. Broken glass usually gets disposed instead of recycled.
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